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9205 Hodoš
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School in nature - youth camp, picnic, private events...

Municipality Hodoš bought ex military base from Ministry of Military. In the year 2006 they decided for adaptation of the building. The final propose of building today is Youth home. New building was officially open at 8 th municipality day, on 21 th July.
Youth home is tourist attraction, where we rented rooms, mainly for non government organization. For all of those who want to take advantage of tourism opportunities in rural areas, find out unspoilt nature of the area, feel the fresh air nearby forest and heard beautiful voice of different kind of birds.  The rooms are prepared and equipped in high standard
In the first flour are two rooms with six and one room with eight storey beds. The toilet is separate for man and women, with two showers. In Youth home is also daily room, lunch room for forty-eight persons, kitchen and special place for drink. In mansard are four rooms, two with double bed with shower. All rooms have television.
The price for sharing room is 8€/per day with bedding, in mansard 15€/per day without pension with possibility of discount for longer period of staying.
The use of kitchen is not imputed in price for staying (extra pay for use of kitchen).
You can get all information about booking and prices on the seat of municipality of Hodoš.
For all information you can concat on these telephone numbers during the open time of municipality 00386 (0) 2 559 80 21 or 00386 (0) 2 559 12 80 or 00386 (0)41 451 822 and mobile phone 00386 (0) 41 41 51 22 in the time when municipality is not working.




Youth home is located in total unspoilt nature, where you can find peace for yours activity and for relaxing.
You can see location and attraction in the map.

For transferring the map click on the link.

Project »Road of guards«

The main objective of the project formed a new tourist offer in the cross-border regions, which have been teaching on cultural variegation and natural beauty of the target region. with With this project the whole tourist region was re-established, that on the base of common historical past formed its own programme concept, with a purpose of keeping the common cultural and natural heritage. Red thread was the establishment of historical “road of guards” with common management, exchange of information and common corporate identity. The offer, that introduced support, showed nature, folk, architectural and cultural valuables of environment, there were introduced also typical, traditional crafts, with which the project contributed to increase the tourist potential border regions; the offer was more qualitative. The most important result at the Slovene side of border was the renewal of barracks, which were serving for the youth home purposes.

With this project we captured the primary target group, which was presented by domestic and foreign partner organizations, cooperating at the project realization. The local population at the project realization region was the secondary target group engaged in the project activities. And then came one more target group of visitors or tourists, who took a look at curiosities of border regions.

As a base of the joint cooperation and the offer were prepared a draft of the road at the territory of villages Őriszentpéter - Szalafő - Hodoš - Krplivnik - Domanjševci - Kercaszomor – Velemér, that presented the sights of that area. Well disposed sights at the Hungarian side were supplemented the offer at the Slovenian side, where were put into the first place Goričko Nature Park, learning path by the Hodoš lake with its characteristically otters, the youth house in Hodoš as well as the eco-farm and the ethnological museum in Krplivnik.

The content of the project also comprised the cultural heritage – the frescoes of Janez Aquile. Promotional brochure “After traces of Janez Aquile” was issued, where we presented the churches decorated by Janez Aquile’s frescoes in the following villages: in Hungary – Velemér, in Slovenia – Selo, Martjanci and Turnišče.

The individual investments were also foreseen as essentially required for the joint project realization. Investments and purchases from the Hungarian side:
- there were built a hut, bought a cart and horse equipment, well-organized orchard,
installed an electric herd and built a bicycle shed in the Nature park of Őrség;
- there were made a total reconstruction of the medieval stove for burning round of bricks and renewed a resting place in the Őriszentpétru park;
- there were made a reconstruction of hut in Szalafő village, in the museum part of Pityerszer village there were built a bicycle shed and renewed the spring wells;
- in Kercaszomor village a locksmith's workshop was renewed.
The largest share of investments at the Slovene side showed renovation of the barracks and purchasing of the equipment for starting-up the youth home in Hodoš. The barracks were totally adapted: the roof was changed, the roofing connection between lodging object and the kitchen was built, the backyard and the surroundings of building was settled, a resting place by the border, a footpath from the border till the youth home was regulated. Besides that, there were arranged a bicycle shed by the ethnological museum in Krplivnik, where the rent-a-bicycle was possible, those were purchased likewise in the frame of the project. The watchtower was renewed into a view tower, in Domanjševci a resting place was set down. An info-point with a touch-screen was located in the ethnological museum, where the visitors could get some basic information concerning the joint project.
Along the content of the road was recognizable and introduced to visitors, as the common logo and the common corporate identity was prepared. On this base there was prepared directive, indicative and informative boards, so at Hungarian as also at Slovenian sides. All together there were located more than 100 boards. Content was presented at restored interactive web page, where the entire theme road offer was published, including the map of the road and the link at the Hungarian web page. The following issues were prepared and printed: the brochures “Road of guards” and “Szalafő-Őriszentpéter-Kercaszomor”.
At conclusion of investment there was prepared a programme concept for the youth home activity, that was intended for organizing of (international) camps, youth meetings; the leaning path around the Hodoš lake could also be included, which is an open-air school where otters live. Surroundings of the youth home was also suitable for camps and camping, the footpath was particularly interesting and educative – actual “Road of guards”. With a wish to improve the tourism and other offers by the theme road, there were organized some workshops, where the offerers were suitably trained for the performance at the tourist market.
At conclusion of the project there was organized a final event, where the national and foreign reporters were invited, as well as many other guests. There was organized a review of a new common theme road and its particular points.
Sources of financing: INTERREG IIIA
Value of the project: 378.035,74 €
Amount of co-finacing by SLVR: 358.377,88 €
Informant: Municipality Hodoš
Barry before renovation:

Partners in the project:

Municipality Šalovci

The project was founded as a joint project with the Hungarian partners »Oseg Natural Park« which are implemented on the Hungarian side activities co-financed from the same program.

Front Youth House
Youth House from the rear
Dining room at the Youth House
Youth Room in the House
Projekt "Cesta stražarjev"
je bil financiran Program pobude Skupnosti INTERREG IIIA

Organ upravljanja in sofinanciranja projekta:

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